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Someone is usually at the club on Wed. mornings from 10 am to around noon.   Member meetings are the first Thursday of each month at the club and 6:30 pm.  Visitors are always welcome.

Clipper City Model Railroad Club

5201 Vista Road, Manitowoc, 54220 Expo Fair Grounds

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Current Club Officers



Jim Chadek

Vice President

Jim Fuhs



Dick Halsey



Phil Stangel



Jim Zoerb



Some of our current members

We are always looking for new members

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Becoming a member of the Clipper City Model Railroad Club is easy.

You must attend three member meetings.   If you cannot attend member meetings arrangements can be made by discussing with the board of directors.   The three meetings gives our membership along with you a chance to meet and get to know each other.

After three meetings you will most likely be voted into the club.   

Your first year you are considered a "participating" member.  You can't run for office or get a key for the building, but you come and enjoy all activities of the club.   Your dues is only $5 month.   After one year if you have contributed at least 20 hours to the club you become a "active " member with a key and full membership.  Your dues then increase to $10 / month.

What do we expect of members?   Participate with maintaining our club, increase your knowledge of model railroading and share with other members.  But most of all "HAVE FUN".

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What do we have to offer as a member?

  • If your new, no problem.       Members are always helping others.   Everyone has different      talents.
  • Electronics and wiring
  • Landscaping -  bring out      your artistic self.
  • Lighting and animation
  • Kit building
  • Most important - a lot of fun
  • ​scenery
  • Or be a member just to be involved with a great Manitowoc area group.